While our primary focus as a Boys & Girls Club is on youth development programs for kids in grades K-12, we understand the importance of engaging families in programs to increase the positive outcomes for youth success, such as:

  • Better youth participation
  • Parents are more likely to support their child’s learning
  • Positive outcomes for youth, such as increased social skills, decreased risky behaviors, improved grades and attendance

Family Nights are offered every month at each of our three locations. Every month has a theme and coordinated activity that is both family-friendly and fun! Hot meals are also served and range from taco bar to spaghetti feed to our annual Holiday Feast! We work with local restaurants to help with discounted meals and have the help from our chefs in Grants Pass to prepare delicious meals we can transport in cater-quality hot boxes.

Activities for Family Nights vary. In the past, our Drama and Ukulele Clubs have performed, which is always a success! Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Coordinator leads our families in group science projects (like making bottle rockets!). We’ve also had movie night in the grass with a projector, painted pumpkins, and more. 

Families have the ability to enjoy a night out … without the burden of cost. It’s relaxing, free and fun for all. These evenings strengthen the bond between guardian and child as they build communications skills and spend quality time together.

In addition, Family Nights improve communication skills and provide quality time spent together, which helps to strengthen the families in our community.

Thank you to our friends at Ashland Lithia Springs Rotary Club for their continued support in our Talent Club’s Family Night Activities.