Mission Moments for Website

Developing Positive Self-Esteem

“Last week as I dropped my daughter off at school I was approached by a parent. She started by saying she had a daughter that came to the Boys & Girls Club and that she absolutely loves it. She said that before her child became a member she was very shy, didn’t have many friends and had low self-esteem. She said that when speaking with her daughter she has learned that the staff are always positive and welcoming to her. Her daughter has made many friends here and she is much more outgoing. She hugged me as she said thank you for always being there for every child that walks through the door and always giving a fun, safe and welcoming place for her daughter.” -Jon, Grants Pass Club

Teaching Compassion

“A few days ago I noticed one of our younger Club Members who was visibly upset because he didn’t have any Club Bucks or money to purchase a treat from our Club Store. As kids noticed him crying at the table, a group of 5 or 6 other kids joined him at his table. As I sat there with him and tried to calm him down, every other child at the table gave him a piece of their candy. It was so great to see all of these kids who didn’t know each other come together to brighten another child’s day.” – Katie, Grants Pass Club

Small Acts of Kindness

“One day I was working in the kitchen with a couple of our 10 year old girls before snack. One of the girls told me that the kitchen was her favorite part of the Club because she liked talking with me and because she knew that I would listen to her. She mentioned that there are a lot of adults in her life but that I seem to be the only one who really listens to her. Hearing this helped me realize that even the smallest acts of kindness goes a very long way.” – Vanessa, Grants Pass Chef

A Positive Place for Kids

“When Jessica started the school year at the Boys & Girls Club she was very shy and would always want to check in with me. When the Book Busters Club was introduced I encouraged Jessica to join. After the first few Club meetings I began to notice a change in Jessica. She became more talkative to Club Staff and began making friends with her Peers. Jessica is now a Jr. Staff, enjoys helping in the kitchen and regularly attends Power Hour. Jessica has come out of her shell and is turning into a very well rounded young lady.” – Kathy, Club Parent

Learning Responsibility

“When Amorelli started coming to Power Hour it was because her friend was already attending. When she began attending she had a bad attitude about it because she “hated” homework. Once she learned she had an opportunity to earn points and buy prizes in our monthly Club Store, she decided that she “loved” homework. Amorelli now comes to Power Hour every time she attends the Club and always has a positive attitude. She now asks the Staff for new ways to help and consistently stays when she’s done with her homework to help clean up.” – Megan, Club Director

Helping Kids Come Out of Their Shells

“We recently finished our 9- through 11-year-olds session of our Club’s SMART Moves Program. Over the span of 7 weeks, the all-boys group learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, good friendships, making good choices while avoiding risky behavior, as well as gaining new tolls to help with drug and alcohol resistance. At the beginning of the program many of the boys were shy and skeptical to give input on the day’s topics, but as the Program progressed, so did the boys that were involved. One of the Club kids, Eismel, started out as one of those shy, reserved kids but midway through the Program he became not only more comfortable around his peers, but was also able to give great input and feedback on the daily topics. By the end of the Program it was obvious that Eismel had really come out of his shell. He was always first to ask questions or to volunteer his answers during group discussions. Eismel took a special liking to the SMART Moves Program and could not wait for Wednesdays when he could meet with his new friends and learn more about the skills and tools he could use as he continues to mature from a kid to a young man.” – Randy, Director of Programs

Making a Difference

“Olivia is Club member who never was very involved in our Recreation Program. She lost an eye when she was a toddler and prefers to help out at the Front Desk. During our first session of Triple Play we had a basketball challenge; not a game, just simply shooting baskets from designated spots on the court. Olivia participated and did a great job! This challenge was just the ticket to getting Olivia involved. She is now heavily involved with our Triple Play challenges each week and has become more involved with our daily Recreation Program.” – Scott, Club Director

Positive Reinforcement Works

“Sage started her time with some negative behaviors such as interrupting staff, talking back when asked to do something and sarcasm. Over the course of time in Triple Play, Sage has responded well to positive reinforcement. Sage participated in Triple Play last year and rarely attended, but for the most recent 9 week session she has had perfect attendance. Sage has been enthusiastic about the activities and is always reminding her peers to stay on task. Sage now inquires about ways to be involved and had fun helping organize a trip to the recycling center. Sage’s positive behavior has transferred to activities outside of Triple play and her attitude has been better through her daily routine. Sage’s mom also reports that her attitude at home as improved as well.” – Megan, Club Director

An Important Lesson on Friendship

“With 250 or so Kids attending the Club, it’s hard to imagine that any child could ever be lonely. But for Malana that’s what the Club was like for her. She expressed these feelings during a Smart Girls meeting. She said that she feels like she has no friends at the Club and there is no one to know if she’s having a bad day. I watched in amazement as I heard other Smart Girls attendees extend offers of friendships and listening ears to her. And their offers were not just lip service. Over the next couple of weeks, I began to see Malana smile a lot. I realized that it was because she was making friends. The smaller group of the Smart Girls Program was the environment needed for this to happen for her. I’m glad we have Programs that bring kids together and makes sure not child is left lonely.” – Talia, Smart Girls Coordinator

Developing A Love For Learning

“Over the course of the school year we have had many great success stories come from our Power Hour Program. One of the Club Members that has stood out the most to this point is Kaylie L. Since the start of the Program in September, Kaylie has shown dedication to her education by not only having over a 90% attendance rate in Power Hour but also by having the most extra credit points earned. Kaylie has been a great example to the other Club Members by putting her homework first before she takes part in the Club’s many other activities. After her homework you are guaranteed to find Kaylee in the extra credit line waiting to receive the next challenge of the day. Kaylie always has a great attitude and is willing to tutor the younger Club Members when they need help.” – Randy, Director of Programs

Healthy Habits Success Story

“After a lesson on fruits & veggies we made spinach fruit smoothies. Brianna, who enjoys smoothies but has never had spinach in them was wary but learned that she absolutely loved them. When her mom arrived to pick her up she exclaimed ‘Mom, I love spinach!’ Her mom questioned her statement and we explained our activity to her. At home Brianna now has spinach in her smoothies and her mom was happy to find a way to get more vegetables into Brianna’s diet.” – Megan, Club Director

Providing Inspiration

“While we as Staff know that the greatest reward for going to Power Hour is the satisfaction of getting your homework done and doing it well, some our Club Members are still learning that life lesson. Lilly could not be talked into participating in our Power Hour Program – her mother tried to get her involved to no avail because of her late work hours. As soon as our Power Hour Prize for the year was confirmed, Lilly’s attitude has changed. Once our posters for the Kindle Fire HD were put up, Lilly’s Power Hour attendance has improved greatly and she has quickly moved into second place for the prize. She is quick to finish up her homework packets and is always requesting extra credit work sheets. ‘That Kindle is mine,’ she said on the first day the poster went up.” – Scott, Club Director

Mentoring Makes a Difference

“Some Kids are very good at expressing their concerns and Jordan has always been one of those kids. He has been a part of our Mentor Program for about a year and a half now. He is always voicing his regard for his friends and siblings – sometimes he struggles with timing but sometimes his timing is perfect. The night of our Mentor/Mentee Scavenger Hunt was one of those times. After completing a series of challenges that called for communication, patience and working together we were all gathered at our final meeting point. As we were wrapping up, Jordan asked if he could make a speech. With a very serious expression on his face he said, ‘If any of you think this night was boring or this scavenger hunt was easy, then I think you are all just crazy.’ It was great to receive such sincere feedback from this young man. I look forward to hearing future ‘speeches’ from him as he continues in the Mentoring Program.” – Talia, Volunteer/Mentor Coordinator

Teaching Responsibility

“Andy started attending Power Hour a few weeks into the school year. When he first tarted coming he would come in, do the least amount of homework possible and then leave. About a month or so after he started attending regularly he started to become one of the hardest working Kids in Power Hour. Andy now goes above and beyond with finishing his homework and always asks for extra work to do. Andy is now offering to help other Members with their work once his is finished. He has developed into a great Kid to have in Power Hour and I can see that he has a very bright future ahead of him.” -Angie, Power Hour Coordinator

Changing Attitudes, Changing Lives

“With over 20 Member signed up for our first class we are very excited about how the Kids are responding to the resistance class. One of our success stories comes from 9 year old Becka, who has recently moved into our area. Becka was very withdrawn, sitting by herself – not getting involved with programs or engaging with her peers. After the first Smart Moves class Becka learned about the Program – she learned that it is a small class, that the class meets 8 times and it is a safe place to talk about your concerns and to feel special. Since she started attending the class she has really come out of her shell and her mother has made an effort to let us know just how much Becka enjoys the Club, especially the Smart Moves Program.” – Scott, Club Director

Making Healthy Eating Fun

“At the end of each Healthy Habits lesson I like to introduce new and different snacks for our Kids to try. After a lesson on “power snacking” we made hummus. The majority of the class had never had it before but after they made it and tried it, most of them really enjoyed it. The next day a parent of three of our Members thanked us for introducing hummus to her kids. She said she had a hard time getting them to try new foods and was excited when they came home and asked her to buy hummus for them.” – Megan, Club Director