The Board of Directors governs our non-profit corporation and oversees the important areas of stewardship, policy making, fundraising and planning for the future. Our Board is essential to the success of our Organization and each Board Member works diligently towards our Mission of providing a safe, positive place for kids.

2019 Officers

  • Richard Lane, President
  • Nevada Jackson, President-Elect
  • Rene Cardiff, Vice President
  • Mary Lou Thomason, Treasurer
  • Dr. Elbert Collins, Secretary
  • Stacy Martin, Past-President

2019 Board of Directors

  • Barbara Bean
  • Dick Cottrill
  • James Dowd
  • Devin Driver
  • Trish Evens
  • Chris Freedman
  • Cassie King
  • Kenny Kinzler
  • Steve Loftesnes
  • Susie Matney
  • Alan Noble
  • Karen Peterkin
  • Richard Wilson
  • Dale Woodruff