“Every weekday, I long for the moment our kids walk through our Club’s blue door. I watch as they run off the school buses and line up to participate in our Core Programs for the day, eager to learn life lessons cleverly disguised as fun activities.

I have always been impressed with this exceptional organization and its dedication to provide a safe environment and a positive influence for our community’s youth. We believe every child has the potential to Be Great. Every day we support our Club kids in pushing through their challenges, overcoming adversities and we encourage them to BE GREAT. Be Awesome. Be Amazing. Be anything you want to be.

Our Club kids participate daily in our Core Programs focused on Education and Career Development, Character and Leadership, Health and Life Skills, The Arts, and Sports, Fitness and Recreation. These youth development programs build self-esteem, confidence and guide kids to make the right choices, becoming responsible and productive citizens. Our Clubs keep kids off the streets, out of trouble and engaged in positive behavior.

Each night after our kids finish their homework, eat a nutritionally balanced dinner and learn lessons through our creative, interactive programs, I watch as their parents arrive to pick them up. I see joy in the eyes of our kids and I see relief on the faces of their parents. These parents know their kids have been safe, respected and nurtured … and they know their kids are happy.

It is an honor to serve as the Executive Director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of The Rogue Valley. We are very excited about our future and have a new focus on creating positive incentives. Our goal is for all of our Club kids to choose to be engaged in our youth development programs. We set the foundation so ‘Great Futures Start Here.’

My sincere thanks to our Board of Directors, professional youth development staff, volunteers and financial supporters. Our continued success depends strongly on the support of our community.”

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Diann Gilbertson

Our dedicated and professional Administrative Staff manage the day-to-day operations of the Organization, striving to meet the mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Rogue Valley through its annual goals and objectives.

Diann Gilbertson, Executive Director – 541-479-5258 x109

Jeff Cox, Athletic Director – 541-479-5258 x106

Briana Friend, Office Manager – 541-479-5258

Jessica King, Resource Development Director – 541-479-5258 x102

Chris Law, Finance Assistant – 541-479-5258 x110

Renee Ludwig, Special Events/ Marketing Director – 541-479-5258 x105

Fred Reyes, Operations Director – 541-479-5258