Frequently Asked Questions about the Illinois Valley Club

Thank you for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you do not see an answer to your questions, please give us a call at 541-244-8490.

Q: What is your Policy on late pick-up?

A: All of our branches close at 6:30 p.m. We understand that emergencies happen to everyone at one time or another, however; it is your responsibility to pick your Child no later than 6:30 p.m. We charge a late fee of $1.00 for each minute that your Child is not picked up from the Club after 6:45. This policy is not to imply that we close at 6:45. Please understand that if your child/ren has not been picked up by 7:00 and we are unsuccessful in contacting you we will call the non-emergency dispatch number for their assistance in this matter.

Q: At what age is my child eligible to become a Member?

A: Due to the nature of the Programs that we run, we serve children from the ages of 6-18 during the school year.

Q: When I come to the Club to pick up my child can I stay and watch them play and/or finish their activity?

A: In order to keep our Club Members safe we require that any person intending to spend time at the Club pass a background check. Please contact the Front Desk at 541-244-8490 if you would like to remain at the Club for a significant amount of time.

Q: Can I pay a daily rate for my child to attend?

A: No. Your child may be a guest of a current member for two days (from 2:00 – 6:30), after which a Membership must be purchased for your child to keep attending. If your child is a guest on a non-school day, there will be a $10.00 charge if they come before 2:00 (for each day).

Q: Can anyone pick up my child?

A: The Boys & Girls Club is a recreational facility and not a daycare. We cannot stop a child from leaving the Club if they wish to do so. Click here to learn more about our Open Door Policy.

Q: I’m filling out my child’s Membership Application and I’m wondering why you want to know their report card information?

A: One of our most important Programs that we have at our Clubs is Power Hour. Because we believe in the importance of education we like to have the ability to track our Member’s academic success and achievement.

Q: What types of programs do you run that would be beneficial for my child who is home schooled?

A: We are committed to providing Educational and Sports Programs to all Club Members.

Q: I’m interested in learning more about your Sports Programs. Where do I go to do that?

A: We currently facilitate Tackle Football, Flag Football, Volleyball and Basketball. Click here to learn more about any of these Programs.

Q: I have multiple children and am wondering if you offer discounts and/or scholarships for Memberships?

A: Thanks to wonderful sponsors and generous donors, we are able to offer a low Membership Fee of $40.00/year (September 1 – August 31). If you are interested in learning about a scholarship, you can contact the Front Desk at 541-244-8490.

Q: What kinds of meals does my child get at the Club?

A: We work very closely with the USDA to ensure that your child is getting nutritious and delicious meals at all of our locations. (USDA and this institution are equal opportunity providers and employers.) Each child has the opportunity to have a hot meal in our After School Program and a lunch during our Summer Program.

Q: I’d like for my child to become a Club Member but I’m concerned that they might be overwhelmed on their first day – is there anything you can do to help with this?

A: We understand that this is a big move and we want you and your child to be comfortable. You are welcome to bring your child by the Club during non-club hours for a tour of the Club and to meet some of the Staff. You can also ask about our two day trial period to make sure the Club is a good fit for your family. Contact the Front Desk at 541-244-8490 for more information.

Q: What are your hours?

A: The Club is open to children from 1:50 – 6:30 on school days. Please contact the Front Desk at 541-244-8490 about non-school day schedules. Click here for our Summer Program Schedule.

Q: What kinds of Activities do you do during Club time?

A: Our activities are planned around our 5 Core Program Areas. Contact the club to learn about the activities that are planned or view the calendar on the left side of this page.

Q: I’ve heard about your Mentoring Program. Who do I contact to set up a Mentor for my child or to become a Mentor for a child?

A: Jenna is our Volunteer/Mentor Coordinator. To learn more about our Mentoring or Volunteer Program, please contact her at 541-244-8490.