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2015 Boatnik Parade

We absolutely love this time of year! The weather turns, the rain dries out and the Cavemen come out just in time for the annual Boatnik Celebration.

Every year the Grants Pass Club designs an amazing float that is filled with Club Members who are so excited to participate. It is so much fun to watch them represent the Club with excitement and joy!

This year the theme for our float was “Going Rogue on the Wild and Scenic”. Our Club Members make the most adorable wild animals and hearing them chant “We love the Boys & Girls Club” and “Be Great For Kids” was enough to make anyone smile with pride!

Thank you so much to the Grants Pass Active Club for all of their hard work and their success in making this such a wonderful event for our Club Members and for our community!



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Be a Buddy, Not a Bully!

At the Boys & Clubs of the Rogue Valley, we strive to give our Club Members a place where they belong. The month of October was National Anti-Bully Month and we used that opportunity to educate our Kids about the different types of bullying, how to recognize when it is happening and give them the… Continue Reading

Shaping Up with Triple Play

Triple Play is one of our favorite programs at the Talent Club! Improving our kids’ overall health and wellness is one of our biggest goals. Every day at our Clubs we strive to teach the importance of good nutrition, physical activity and healthy relationships. With Triple Play, these values are instilled while the kids just… Continue Reading

Arts & Crafts Fun at the IV Club

Did you know that Arts & Crafts are a GREAT way to help children feel good about themselves; grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially; and master the world around them ( Each of our branches have wonderful Arts & Crafts Coordinators who feel strongly about creating projects that enhance our Club Members by: being product and… Continue Reading