Tech Lab Fun at the Grants Pass Club

When you step into the Grants Pass computer lab, there is much fun to be had. Our GP Director of Programs, Randy Keith, who is also a Hidden Valley football coach, brings the enjoyment and excitement from the field and takes it with him into the lab. Every day there is always an opportunity to excel in computer knowledge, improve typing skills, and explore creativity (not to mention be informed of the latest Mustang football news).

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Microsoft Publisher, Word, Power Point, and Google Earth are incorporated on a regular basis. The kids have typed letters to our oversea soldiers using Word, participated in scavenger hunts on Google Earth, and have created birthday flyers employing Publisher. They have even debated their favorite animals, presenting their case through Power Point. On one of these occasions we had a club kid advocate for her favorite animal, the wolf. She gave a very enthusiastic presentation about her love for wolves. Some direct quotes from her include, “If you don’t think wolves are the best, you’re crazy.” “If you kill wolves, you’re less of a man.” Maybe there’s a future animal rights activist inside of her.

There is also time for the kids to play educational computer games. The game that seems to show up on a lot of the screens is Mine Craft. This is a game when the kids build worlds with cubes while collecting resources for exploration, combat, and adventure. The kids also love to compete with one another on the website Nitro type. This is a game where the kids get to test how many words they can type a minute while competing with others. Additionally the kids spend time playing different math games. All of these free times activities are fun while maintaining an educational focus.

While all kids are welcome in the computer lab, there are a few requirements to participate in the fun activities. They have to have their membership card, they need to complete Net Smartz, which is an internet safety course, and their parents have to attend parent orientation. Once all of these are completed, the technology fun begins and the doors are open wide for any child wanting to further their computer knowledge and skills. There’s no doubt about it, the computer lab is a fun place to be at the Grants Pass club (remember though that you are in Mustang country when you enter)!

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